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In many ways, the mistake was in getting my hopes up. Thursday night was the first time that I can remember challenging for any footballing success, with the end-of-season playoffs in our indoor soccer league.

We'd finished the regular season with only one defeat, in second place behind the unbeaten Cosmos and things were looking great when we strolled through our semi-final 7-0. I even had the luxury of resting some of the guys towards the end of the game.

The final was an hour later, and we faced Sudacas, who had surprised everyone by getting through at the expense of the aforementioned Cosmos. The rumors implying that they were playing with ringers were not unjustified.

Either way, we had a heartbreaker: Ahead early on, we faded and eventually lost 5-4 to a sudden-death 'golden goal' in extra time.

I wasn't happy. I was even less happy when I woke on on Friday with a migraine.

Bad to business as usual then.
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